Terms and Conditions

Ruinscraft Store Terms and Conditions

By making a purchase on the Ruinscraft Store, the "Store", you agree to have read and understand the following Terms and Conditions:

1. Refunds

All purchases from the Store are digital and are of no monetary value. All transactions are final and are ineligible for refund unless given under an administrator’s discretion. 

2. Prerequisite

In order to use the digital items sold on the Store, the purchaser will need to have access to a "premium account" for Minecraft: Java Edition, which can be purchased at www.minecraft.net. This may not be required if the purchase is a gift for another user who meets the prerequisite.

3. Changes to Packages

Administrators reserve the right to change prices of all items in the Store at its discretion, with or without notice. In addition, administrators reserve the right to change the contents or features of any item for sale in the Store.

4. Liability

The Store or Ruinscraft, LLC shall not be held liable for any psychological, emotional, financial, physical, or other damage caused as a result of using our services.

5. Expulsion

There is no guarantee that you will be able to use the Ruinscraft Minecraft Server or any other service offered by Ruinscraft, LLC at any point in time. If you have been banned from the Minecraft Server service, you may not be able to access material you have purchased in this Store. If the Minecraft Server is non-operational or defunct, the virtual items purchased in this Store are automatically forfeit.

6. Audience

All content on the Store is directed to persons of age 13 years or older. No content rating is given to any service or product sold by the Store or service provided by Ruinscraft, LLC.

Updated 19 JAN 2020 01:00 EST.